Animal Census

Cage Census

As of Feb 1, 2017 this system is no longer updated with Cage Census data.
Please send a request to for your current census data.

Welcome to the online cage census application. By using this application, you can check the number of cages recorded in our system for each of your animal protocols, as well as a 30 day history of cage activity e.g. cage card activation and deactivation.

Additional information on per diem charges and cage card procedures:

Per diem charges are based on the animal or cage census (number of cages for rodents) as determined by animal user submission and ULAR processing of the activation and deactivation portions of the cage cards. ULAR performs a bi-weekly cage census using bar code scanners as a quality control measure for this system. Failure to submit the "activate" or "deactivate" portions of cage cards will result in erroneous cage census and penalty (additional per diem) charges. See ULAR Cage Card Procedures for information on activation and deactivation of cage cards. See ULAR Recharge Rates for information on ULAR cage or animal per diem and recharge rates.