Electronic IRB Closing Report

Information: An IRB protocol may be closed once subject accrual has ended, research interventions and data collection are completed, and analyses of subject identifiable data have concluded. In order to close your IRB protocol officially, submission of a closing report is required.

Note: The official retention period for UCI's IRB records begins on the date a closing report is submitted to the IRB by the Lead Researcher. More information about the Lead Researcher's IRB record retention responsibilities is available online.

UCINetID: To create or submit an Electronic Closing Report, users must log in with a UCINetID and password, which is used to authenticate (i.e., it serves as your "electronic signature") that the information is provided to the IRB by an authorized person. Find out about Obtaining/Activating a UCINetID.

Note: Although any member of the study team may create and save an electronic closing report, ONLY THE LEAD RESEARCHER OR FACULTY SPONSOR may submit the report to the IRB.

Begin: Create or review/submit an Electronic Closing Report.

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