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Request for In-Service Training for Conducting Human Research

Office of Research Staff will attend department meetings, classrooms and other venues to provide on-site training to groups of UCI employees (faculty and staff) and students who wish to learn more about the UCI Human Research Protections Program and the Institutional Review Board. Please allow 4 weeks lead time so that we may accommodate your request as our calendars and workloads permit.

1. Please provide the contact information for this event:
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
2. Please provide the following information to help us plan the in-service training:
Target Audience: Faculty
Research Staff
Other (list here):

Approximate number of attendees:
Desired length of presentation:
Date preferences*:
*Please list 2 of 3 training dates. Allow 4 weeks lead time so that we may try to accommodate your request as our calendars and workloads permit.
3. Please indicate what information you would like for us to present. Each topic will take at least 15 minutes to cover with questions and answers. We suggest you pick 3 topics for a one hour session.
Ethical principles of human research protection
Overview of human research regulations
Overview of IRB policies and procedures
Research involving Protected Health Information (PHI)
UCI IRB review processes for exempt, expedited and full committee review
Reporting adverse events and unanticipated problems to the IRB
Lead Researcher responsibilities
Continuing protocol applications
Modifications to approved protocols
Electronic application processes
Informed consent process (how to obtain consent)
Informed consent preparation
Advertisements and recruitment of subjects
Children as research subjects
Pregnant women, fetuses and neonates as research subjects
Prisoners as research subjects
UCI staff and students as research subjects
Other (list here):